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Health & Travel Certificates

Sometimes, traveling with your pet will require you to acquire special documentation detailing their health and vaccination status. Our vets are happy to provide the exams and documents necessary when possible, so be sure to reach out as early as possible before your upcoming trip so we have time to get you everything you need.

Traveling With Your Pet?

Are you planning a trip with your pet any time in the next few months? Travel certificates are required for both state and international travel for the safety of your pet and the environment to which you are traveling. All airlines require a certificate if your pet is flying. Many stipulate that it must be dated within 10 days of departure, so make sure to schedule an appointment in advance for that time if applicable. Our doctors are fully qualified to provide travel certificates so you can travel with your pet responsibly. In order to administer a certificate, we must make certain of the following requirements:

  • The pet is vaccinated as appropriate
  • They are healthy enough to travel
  • They are free from contagious diseases

Call your airline for any additional rules they have regarding pet transportation and/or check the USDA website. If your pet is in need of a required vaccination for the journey, we will be happy to provide it. If you are traveling internationally, also be advised to check the guidelines of the country you are traveling to. Many countries require a different vaccine protocol, based on the diseases that are present in their ecosystem. In some cases, pets may even be required to stay in a quarantine facility before entering. Be mindful of the stress this may cause for your pet.

Tips For Air Travel With Pets

  • Book flights that are straight through to your destination
  • Avoid traveling during extreme hot or cold times of year if your pet must travel in steerage
  • Book the appointment to obtain your travel certificates at the correct date in advance
  • Make sure your pet has food and water in their crate for the flight
  • Get your pet used to their travel crate by leaving it out for their use in your home prior to the trip

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