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Want to learn about Cherokee Hospital for Animals’ history of high-quality veterinary care? Our history as a trusted vet in Johnson City, Tennessee combines dedication to the latest in cutting-edge animal science and a never-ending passion for animal health care that’s shared across our entire practice.

Introduction To Our Practice

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Cherokee Hospital for Animals has been serving our community in Johnson City, Tennessee since the year 1985. In the decades past, our experience has made us a top-of-the-line veterinary facility. We have even received an accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association by meeting their high expectations for veterinary excellence.

We strive to create happier and healthier lives for each animal that we treat, not only by treating disease, but by offering advice about their proper nutrition and care. We are also proud that we have forged close relationships with many pet owners. Our mission is to provide not only health and happiness for pets, but transparency and peace-of-mind for their owners.

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Located directly outside of Buffalo Mountain Park and just off of University Parkway.

Phone: 423-928-7272

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