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When it comes to veterinary medicine, we like to consider ourselves the best facility in Johnson City, Tennessee. Throughout the years we’ve been in business, we’ve treated many pets and had many success stories. Many of the grateful owners of the pets we’ve treated have sent in their stories and thanks for way we handled their pet’s care. You can read some of these stories below.

My pet, Simon, woke me up in the middle of the night coughing and vomiting. After a night at the emergency clinic, I brought him here for continued care.

The exams and treatment were very thorough and helpful in diagnosing Simon’s hyperthyroid condition. After starting him on medication his progress has surpassed all expectation. He is doing wonderfully!

I appreciate all the reminder calls and patience with his case. The staff and Dr. Sallee were always kind and efficient. I especially appreciate the careful and consistent care of Simon.

- Charlotte Ingram

My name is Janice Price and this is my cat Nikki and she is 17 years old.

When my cat, Nikki, began losing weight I became very worried. After Dr. Sallee did some blood work, she diagnosed Nikki with kidney disease and prescribed medication to keep it under control.

I bring Nikki in two times a week for fluids to make sure she stays healthy and lives a long life.

I feel very good about Nikki’s progress. All of the staff here has a love for animals and everyone is so nice and concerned about you and your pet. I appreciate that very much.

- Janice Price

We were terrified when our dog, Daisy, ate 32 inches of a leather belt and was unable to pass it. We rushed her in and after being examined by Dr. Simpkins we were told surgery was the only option to remove it.

Daisy came through the surgery wonderfully and has recovered 100%.

We are completely satisfied with Daisy’s progress and the service we received here. We really appreciate the comfort and reassurance everyone showed us.

- Aaron & Shelley Heaton

My dog, Rufus, started showing signs of distress by panting and shivering. His activity level dropped and he was not eating. I became very concerned and rushed him in to see Dr. Simpkins. She ran some tests and the results came back that he had pancreatitis.

Rufus was monitored for 5 days in the hospital where he had continuous fluids and antibiotics. He started improving within one day.

He has returned to his old self and is once again my bouncing little dog.

I really appreciate the staff that kept me informed and took the time to even call on weekends. No one wants their pet ill, but this is the place to receive care if it happens.

- Cheryl Haws

When Domino was giving birth to her first litter of kittens, everything seemed to be fine until her third kitten was born and then her uterus started to show. She was bleeding a lot and she could not deliver one of her kittens. We are animal lovers and to see her in pain was so frightening. We immediately came to Cherokee and Dr. Simpkins surgically remove the last kitten and spayed her.

Today, Domino is doing very well and all four of her kittens are healthy and happy. I have no doubt we came to the right place. The doctors and staff are the best and very understanding.

- Lisa Williams

My cat Sassey started to break out under her neck because of her allergies. I immediately called and was able to have her examined. Dr. Simpkins treated Sassey and, after giving her the medicine as directed, Sassey began to do much better.

I appreciate how everyone really loves the animals and they always give Sassey extra attention when they see her.

Sassey has been seen by Dr. Simpkins and Dr. Sallee and I know anytime she has a flare up, they both will give her excellent treatment and attention.

- Patsy Nave

Recently my Wee Man was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Already overweight, Wee Man wasn’t looking so ‘wee’ anymore, and according to Dr. Sallee, hypothyroidism wasn’t going to make things better. Dr. Sallee explained how weight issues would lead to other issues in the future and that it would be best to lower Wee Man’s weight. She also provided Wee Man with the necessary medication in order to combat the hypothyroidism. Thanks to Dr. Sallee’s care, Wee Man has lost weight and has more energy. His smile also looks fantastic after the dental cleaning that he had!

Wee Man is very important to me, as are all my dogs; both Dr. Sallee and Dr. Lapthorne have been very good to my children. The caring, genuine, attention that Cherokee Hospital for Animals has provided for my dogs has been very welcome. The entire staff is great!

- Amy Perkins

Gilroy, my English bulldog, has been treated for an assortment of allergies, infections, and ailments. Even though he has these issues the doctors and staff work with care and compassion to treat Gilroy. Dr. Sallee is currently treating his latest allergy flare and his skin is already showing some improvement.

Gilroy and I love the way each and every member of the Cherokee Hospital for Animals staff genuinely show concern about his health and how he is treated. We look forward to his continued care and great service. As a pet owner, this means the world!

- Curtis Matherne

My name is Charlotte and this is my baby Su Ming Woo. She is a very special little girl. Su Ming Woo sleeps with us and loves everyone she sees.

I was concerned about her and brought her to see Dr. Sallee, after her exam and bloodwork she was diagnosed with being overweight and having a urinary tract infection. We did many doses of antibiotics and changed her diet. She did lose some weight on the special diet, but was then diagnosed with having a bladder stone. Dr.Simpkins performed surgery to remove the stone and is going great!

We are very excited about her progress and hope the changes will lengthen her life! Everyone at Cherokee is so friendly and kind.

- Charlotte Tyree

Hi my name is Amanda and this is my Toby. I took him to see Dr. Simpkins at Cherokee Hospital for Animals for his annual vaccines. While I was there I mentioned to the doctor that I had seen a small amount of blood in Toby’s urine. Dr Simpkins sent out a comprehensive healthscreen and performed x-rays to help explain what may be causing the blood. The lab results revealed a large amount of crystals in his urine and x-rays showed several stones in his bladder. His were immediately scheduled for surgery to have the stones removed. Afterwards an analysis was run on the stones that were removed. Toby is now on a special diet to help prevent stones from forming again.I’m applying for veterinary school this year.  Hopefully I will provide the same kind of loving and kind care for pets in the future like Toby received at Cherokee Hospital for Animals.  Maybe one day I will be working there.

- Amanda Pike

A birthday gift from my grand daughters that captured my heart, she was so tiny she was given to me in a coffee cup and I named her Baby. One morning not long after I was given Baby I awoke to find her with what looked like an eye infection. I immediately called Cherokee Hospital for Animals. I was so worried taking her into the hospital. Dr. Sallee was wonderful with Baby. The TLC she and her staff members show is outstanding. After the exam Dr. Sallee explained to us that Baby did not have an eye infection. She had ear mites and accidentally scratched her eye trying to get to her ear. Dr. Sallee prescribed the exact meds needed for Baby’s recovery. We took her back to the hospital 2 weeks later, her eye had healed and the ear mites were gone. We think Dr. Sallee is great and very skilled. We will always bring our Baby to Dr. Sallee.

- Sara & Floyd Shell

Armin is like our child and one of the most important parts of our lives.” We got him when he was five weeks old. After having him for a week he stopped eating and kept throwing up. We had only had him a week but he had captured our hearts completely. We knew he needed to see a doctor A.S.A.P. Upon arrival at Cherokee Hospital for Animals Dr Carpenter took him into care. Armin was diagnosed with Parvo. We were worried and very sad, he was so little to be so sick. After a week in the hospital, Armin progressed from barely being able to hold up his little head or keep down food to running around and playing. He even got his appetite back and was able to eat chicken and rice. It was a miracle! Armin is as healthy as can be now. He has grown into a strong beautiful dog. You definitely wouldn’t think he was such a sick puppy if you saw him now. Parvo is a serious illness and he had it at such a young age. Our family wouldn’t be complete without Armin and we are so thankful for Dr. Carpenter and the staff at Cherokee Hospital for Animals for keeping our little boy alive.

- Sujal Patel

We adopted Big Boy when his former owner moved and could not take him with her.He was an outside cat and had not been seen by a vet in 2 yrs. We brought him in for routine vaccinations and general check up.We are so happy that we chose Cherokee Hospital for Animals!

Soon after adopting Big Boy we noticed a swollen area on his neck.As new pet owners we were clueless as to what was wrong.We called and were seen right away.Big Boy had an abcess caused by a bite from an unknown cat! Dr.Simpkins diagnosed him after one look at the area.The abcess was drained and he was given antibiotics.Big Boy recovered quickly and was soon back @ his antics!A few months later sure enough, another swollen area on the left side of his face this time! Again we called and were seen within an hour.. Another abcess! Dr Sallee treated Big Boy for this second injury.The entire staff at Cherokee is to be commended. We feel very fortunate that we chose Cherokee Hospital! Dr.Simpkins,Dr. Sallee and the entire staff are absolutely THE BEST!!

- Charles & Darlene Stinnett

In 2000, my dachshund, Kaiser, had back surgery at the University of Tennessee. After the surgery, he seemed to still be in pain so we brought him to see Dr. Sallee. She diagnosed him with disc disease and also recommended he go on a diet. He weighed 23.6 lbs and his weight was contributing to his ongoing back pain. Dr. Sallee prescribed the R/D diet food and medication.

We routinely have him checked and are glad to say he has 100% improved. He now weighs 15.6 lbs—losing the extra weight really helped. He now acts like a puppy again. He is very active and playful. We are very appreciative of the care he has received.

- Reg L’italien

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